IMAGE RUNNER ADVANCE 6575i, 6565i, 6555i

High quality, efficient and dependable

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6500i III Series delivers high performance and quality black and white  output for demanding office environments. These intelligent systems enhance productivity through improved document workflows and an intuitive user experience.


  • Intuitive touchscreen provides users with smartphone-like usability, making navigation a
  • Single-Pass document feeder option allows effortless,

rapid scanning with features like multi-sheet feed detection and skip blank originals.

  • Advanced Personalisation enables a unique, personal experience tailored to meet each user’s workflow needs. Settings, such as display language, initial log-in screen,

and accessibility options, can be synchronised across multiple devices for consistency.

  • Canon’s MEAP platform provides process optimisation, by integrating with a range of powerful document, capture and output management
  • Scalable support for mobile where users can connect directly to the device with Direct Access Capture, scan or print documents easily with the Canon Print Business app.
  • Intelligent Recovery wakes device from sleep mode when user is approaching device via motion sensor
  • Various finishing functions such as Staple-on-Demand, ECO- Staple, saddle stitch, double/corner stapling and foldings are available as an


  • The ability to apply print policies, monitor output, and restrict usage by user helps reduce unnecessary printing, resulting in lower total document
  • Seamless integration with output management solutions, such as uniFLOW or uniFLOW Online Express for detailed tracking, reporting and cost
  • Quality and reliability, combined with remote diagnostics and assistance, can help reduce costs by minimising downtime and time spent by
  • Consistent user operation combined with remote and centralised fleet management can help simplify IT management of devices and entire


  • Control who has access to the device with different authentication methods such as picture login, department ID, user authentication and card
  • Ensure information privacy and security across your network with IPsec, port filtering capabilities, and SSL
  • Enhance document confidentiality with encrypted secure print, secure print, secure watermark, encrypted PDF and device signature
  • Ensure device is safe from unknown firmware installation with system verification at
  • Integrate with third-party solutions for complete monitoring protection


  • V2(Vivid & Vibrant) imaging technology ensures high quality printouts that impress time after
  • Supreme transferability of toner and stable reproduction of colours onto a wide range of media, even at large
  • State-of-the-art imaging technologies and toner allow for consistently striking images with 1 200dpi print
  • Canon’s device management tools give you a centralised point of control across your entire fleet, upgrade devices remotely, check device and consumables status and capture meter readings.
  • Optional PCL and optional Adobe PostScript®3™ print driver allows seamless integration with enterprise
  • Remote diagnostics allow timely, accurate and effective
  • Intuitive user maintenance videos and status notifications available to help achieve maximum uptime and keep supplies


  • Fusing technologies and innovative sleep mode features help lower overall energy
  • Minimise paper wastage by holding jobs at the device with Force Hold Choose to preview your print jobs or even change print settings at the device to achieve the desired results at the first time of printing.
  • Consumes as little as 8W in sleep mode.